The Benefits You Get When You Prune Your Tree 

We are very grateful to our trees, without them, we would not be able to live in this world, no less. That is why if we have trees in our yard, we must do our best to give back and take care of them. And one of the best things we could do for them is to prune or trim them. 

You might be wondering why we still have to prune trees that are growing by themselves. Well, trees that are found in the forest does not need any pruning at all, but trees that are growing in small lots in an urban area does really need it. To illuminate you why here are the benefits you get when your prune your tree. 

  1. For Safety Purposes

As said above, we have no problem about trees growing as tall as they can in the forest, but in urban areas, it’s a different issue. When large trees grow so tall, sometimes their branches can entangle power lines and cause damage to them. This will result to fire or power outage.  

The method of pruning is also done to remove dying or dead branches out of the tree. These dead branches are also dangerous because they can snap anytime and might fall off on someone below.  

  1. It Improves the Structure of the Tree

Another benefit of pruning is that it improves the structure and appearance of the tree. When a tree develops branches that are crossing off each other, it is a bad sign because it closes off space and sunlight would not reach the lower branches. Air circulation would also improve, which will help in the overall health of the tree. Pruning would close off these competing branches and would open up new ones that would result in a balanced structure and appearance. 

  1. Increase Fruit Size

Pruning is good for all kinds of trees, and fruit trees are no exception. In fact, when you correctly prune fruit trees, you will wield an increased number of fruits and in larger quantities. This is because you are trimming away parts of the tree, and the nutrition and food would go to the crops instead of the undesirable branches. 

  1. Faster Growth

Pruning is not only for large and fully grown trees, but it is also good for newly planted and growing trees. When these young trees are pruned, it is helping the condition of its roots; and thus, it is also helping the tree grow and form faster as it is. 

  1. Improved Curb Appeal

When trees are properly pruned, it can help improve the curb appeal of our property. The big and lanky branches would no longer block the view of our beautiful house. The tree would look large and magnificent without looking unruly or wild 


Now that you have discovered the benefits of pruning, I hope you make a move and start the process. Pruning is not an easy job though, so you still have to research on how to do it properly. If you don’t want to go to this hassle, you can hire professionals like tree service atlanta to do the job. 

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